Rafting is an exciting water activity in which you descend rivers on an inflatable raft, defying rapids and currents while enjoying the beauty of nature. Why hire us; Experience and safety: We have certified guides and follow high safety standards. Quality equipment: We provide all the necessary equipment in good condition. Commitment to sustainability: We promote sustainable practices in our operations. In short, hiring us gives you an exciting aquatic adventure with an experienced team, quality equipment and a commitment to safety and sustainability. An unforgettable rafting experience!


8 July, 2023
Meeting time:
08:00 hs.
Meeting point:
Civic Center of Bariloche
Limay River, Bariloche


Services Included

Professional rafting guide.
Rafting equipment, such as inflatable boat, paddles, life jacket and helmet.
Safety instructions and briefing before the start of rafting.
Access to the river and necessary permits.
Transportation from the meeting point to the rafting starting point and vice versa.
Civil liability insurance.

Services Not Included

Photographs or videos of the rafting trip, if offered as additional services.
Any additional personal equipment or accessories that are not included in the basic rafting package, such as wetsuit, wellies, etc.

Necessary equipment

Suitable footwear that can get wet and offers good grip on slippery surfaces, such as water sandals or neoprene shoes.
Swimwear or swimsuit that can get wet and is comfortable to move in the water.
Dry and warm clothes, for after rafting.
Sunglasses with fastening strap to protect your eyes from the sun and water.
Small or quick-drying towel to dry off after rafting.
Medications and personal items you may need during travel or other prescription medications.
Broad-spectrum sunscreen with high protection factor to protect your skin from the sun.
Reusable water bottle to keep you hydrated during the trip.
Energy snacks or granola bars to have energy during rafting.
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Rafting, Bariloche

$ 48.000

8 July, 2023
Medio, Dificil
Limay River, Bariloche
Duration: 1 day
Extreme tourism
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